Circus London

Hi guys! *waves* Guess who’s back? Back again? OK I’m not about to break out into an Eminem number don’t you worry BUT it seemed so fitting seeing as my last blog post was 11 days ago! Now I know that’s not a long time for many but it has felt like it for me! (In bloggersville anyway)

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Sunday Musings

Sometimes I have down days. Yesterday was one of them. I’m not one for a pity party but things affect people in different ways. I have a lot going on at the moment and stuff in my head doesn’t always come out in the way I always want them to. But hey, that’s life. So here I am today telling myself that things are not that bad and I need to appreciate what I have.

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Hey my peoples! Happy Humpday! Only a few more days till the weekend *big smiles* I can’t be the only one who lives to see either day of the week starting with an S? I just don’t ever, ever get excited for a weekday lol.

Wanderlust. With the current weather in the UK,  (it’s oh so cold here) I wanted to write somewhat of a warm post and as I am flying out soon I thought I’d bring you all a post on places I would like to visit this year 🙂

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