Ok so I know I am late to the party for ‘New Years’ posts but I still feel this is relevant lol.

New Years Resolutions? I don’t really make them simply because I personally feel there is too much hype around starting the year with resolutions, not sticking to them, only to set them again the following year.

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It’s my birthday! *dances*

I had an absolutely amazing time in and around London appreciating how beautiful the place is at times. As I celebrated turning another year older, I really took the time to appreciate life over great food and even better company.

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Hey my lovelies! Hope your weekend has been pleasant. We are days away from Christmas and I haven’t bought any of my presents yet eeeekkkk! Instead of shopping, I had such a random unplanned night in Shoreditch which featured none other than the free ranged fried chicken restaurant BIRD.

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