Hey my peoples! Happy Humpday! Only a few more days till the weekend *big smiles* I can’t be the only one who lives to see either day of the week starting with an S? I just don’t ever, ever get excited for a weekday lol.

Wanderlust. With the current weather in the UK,  (it’s oh so cold here) I wanted to write somewhat of a warm post and as I am flying out soon I thought I’d bring you all a post on places I would like to visit this year 🙂

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Hey guys and dolls! Am I the only one who has blinked and it was Monday again *cries* How did you all spend your weekend? I spent Saturday in stilettos and a bodycon celebrating my friends birthday (getting too old for this now) and so Sunday my body was definitely calling out for relaxation! *Inserts face masks*

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Hey lovelies! I hope your week is going well? Don’t worry, we’ve only got a few days until the weekend! So this is a bit of a random post which has been inspired by other blogs I have come across lately.

Over the passed two days I have joined some of the #TwitterChats including #TheGirlGang#BDIB and #FBLChat and can I just say how much I have enjoyed them! It’s been such an eye opener into the blogging community at how nice so many of you are! I actually feel like I have made some good blogging friends in such a short space of time, it sounds cliché I know but I’m being dead serious. View Post