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Be your own competition 

Often we as people look at others and compare ourselves. It doesn’t matter what it is – finances, aesthetics or status, but why do we do this? No matter how hard we try not to, it’s easily done.

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Am I A Real Blogger?

I’m currently having some down time away from London and realised it’s been exactly one month since my last blog post and I have to say, the longest break I’ve taken since I started blogging. I have almost been blogging for a year now and my blog turns 1 at the end of the month which is surreal to me. 69 posts later, I’ve asked myself the question – Am I A Real Blogger?

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LDNmeetup: #BigBloggerExpo


Well helloooo there! *Waves* I hope you are all well and have missed me as much as I have you! It’s been a while since I have posted so today’s post is all about the LDNmeetup #BigBloggerExpo event I attended on Sunday! This was my second time attending a blogging event of this kind, and this time I went with my friend Grace who blogs at Whimsicalgrace.net – be sure to check her out! This event was held in a hotel close to Regents Park so it was nice for us to take a Sunday stroll afterwards.

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7 Ways To Keep Blogging


This post was inspired by my recent absence from the blogging world which you can see here. Now I know it can be challenging at times when we may run out of ideas for blog posts (hitting a writer’s block) or generally losing the motivation to blog all together which can make your readers think you have stopped blogging. View Post