5 Instagram Pet Peeves 

5 Instagram Pet Peeves 

Hey guys! It’s been a short while since I last posted as I smashed my iPhone screen, which left me feeling super lost because I do most things from my mobile. Nonetheless, I’m back with a short post on 5 things that annoy me about Instagram. Happy humpday!

5 Instagram Pet Peeves 

  1. People that follow to unfollow – Do I need say more? What is the point of this please? This is annoying as fuck! If I follow you, it’s because I like your feed. Don’t follow me then unfollow then follow again to unfollow. I see you – FUCK OFF!
  2. Spam accounts – I post a picture and within 3 seconds I have 2 comments saying ‘Do I want more followers?’ ‘Click on my page to see more’ #ByeFelicia just BYE!
  3. Feeds that are too perfect! Now I love a good flatlay just as much as the next person and pictures that correlate, I get it, it’s aesthetically pleasing but come on! Are you even human? Show us something other than perfect cups of coffee! Nothing is ever that perfect, I just wish there was a bit more personality coming through and not simply pictures that are all so samey.
  4. Ghost followers – the people that follow but NEVER interact. I don’t even mind if they don’t comment but can you at least double tap every now and then?! I mean why else did you follow me?
  5. F4F? I get it, if you are not buying your followers, most people are trying to grow their audiences organically which could mean outright asking people to follow them if they follow you. But this goes back to my first point because it’ll only be a matter of time before they unfollow you. Can I just follow pages I like and not feel pressured into following you because you now follow me?! It is not by force you must follow others because they have chosen to follow you. I think this is highly irritating.

By no means am I saying that I have the perfect Instagram. This is a light hearted post and these are just some of the things that annoy me personally about Instagram, I am sure the list could go on, but who wants to be a negative Nancy? What things (if any) annoy you about Instagram?

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on my next post!

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