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Bonjour my loves! If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you would have seen that I enjoyed a weekend away in Paris with the Blogger Queens! It was a great weekend break and well needed just after my birthday. We stayed in an apartment close to Etienne Marcel which was lovely and cosy, perfect for what we required, good transport links and close to local amenities. The only thing I would say is that it was a bit further out from the tourist attractions.

Travel Diaries – Paris

When we arrived, we decided to get a few items for the apartment for the next few days. We settled in with a bottle of wine and a few munchies before heading back out for food and some sightseeing. We visited the Louvre Pyramid and Eiffel Tower which were beautifully lit up at night!

On the first night when we went to dinner, I decided to try SNAILS for the first time seeing as we were in France, and to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed them! The snails were cooked in a garlic butter sauce which was divine! I followed this up with grilled salmon on a bed of vegetables for my main.

The next day we decided to head out to see some more sights. We visited the Notre – Dame, took a boat ride down the river Seine also seeing the famous locks bridge which we added a padlock to with our initials. We we’re approached by two artists who drew caricatures of us but let’s just say they didn’t make the cut although they made for great entertainment lol.

We had an amazing dinner at restaurant Le Pere Claude where we had a selection of meat, fish, and chips followed by a vodka sorbet! I know it sounds random but it was delicious! The pictures (the ones I managed to take) don’t do the meal much justice but you just have to take my word for it – shout out to Chrissy for this recommendation!

On the last day, we ate brunch at a really cool spot called PaperBoy found by Rianne. It reminded us of somewhat a cross between the hot spots in Shoreditch and the ever so popular Breakfast Club. The food was decent and really good value for money. I had a ‘Fatty’ which was made up of a cheesy egg bun, bacon, red beans in sauce #random and a bed of rocket. It also had a side of french toast with fresh fruit and nuts – this was so delicious!

Overall thoughts


I thought the food we had when planned specifically was nice however, a lot of the food near the attractions wasn’t typically French I would say plan ahead when looking for nice restaurants.


Most times when I travel to Europe I experience some kind of discomfort from other people due to my skin colour however, Paris is very multicultural so I found this quite reassuring when being there.


Usually when I go away, I travel with the local currency however this time I paid for things by just using my card. As we were only there for the weekend we didn’t need a huge amount of money so most of this went on food and travel. I imagine if we were to do much more around the tourist attractions such as go inside we would have needed more money.

Night Life

We did go out but very briefly so I can’t say too much on this front but when doing research initially, only a few places popped up for our music preference. I would love to hear some recommendations if you have been before in the comments below.

Things To Do

There’s lots to do in Paris but I think this depends on what exactly you would like to get from your holiday. There are many sight seeing opportunities as you know Paris has many landmarks so you will not be short of things to do as long as you plan your days accordingly while you’re there.

Would I Go Back?

Yes, I would definitely go back to Paris but definitely when the weather is warmer. I had a great first time visiting and have to thank the group of ladies I went with for this experience.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on my next post!

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