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The Girl On The Train

The Girl On The Train

OK, so I was late to the party with this one. I was meaning to read this shortly after Gone Girl (which I could not put down by the way) but it just never happened… until now! I do not want to compare The Girl On The Train to Gone Girl although in my mind, I had hoped it could be equally as gripping, but I can’t say I was hooked as much!

Rachel is a lady who fantasises about a couple (Megan and Scott) living in a house which she passed each day on her commute into London. She creates them in the perfect image of which she truly believed until one day, something changed. What we learn is that Rachel used to live on the exact same road as this perfect couple, however it is bitter sweet for her as the house she once lived in now belongs to her ex-husband, his new wife and their baby.

Rachel feels as if she knows the couple living in the home so when the news broke that Megan had gone missing, she felt she could assist the police officers with their enquiries based on what she believed she had seen. Rachel has had a tough time since her split from her husband and was very much an alcoholic. How reliable could she be in the investigation? We discover that Rachel was there the very same night that Megan had disappeared but drunk out of her mind, she couldn’t piece together the nights events. The more she tried to remember the more she became caught up in lying.

We learn more about the happy couple as the story goes on but find out they weren’t as happy after all. Megan had quite a disturbed past that she constantly tried to escape. Shortly after we find that she had no job, Megan began to babysit for Rachel’s ex-husband and his wife. Who was to blame for the disappearance – the husband, the lover or could it be Rachel?

The story line was decent and I will admit, I didn’t grasp the twist until very near the end but when I got there, I felt it was an anticlimax. Maybe because I believed it would be as good as Gone Girl, my expectations were quite high. When it didn’t meet those expectations I felt a little disappointed. I would still like to see the film to see how this plays out on screen in comparison to the book as I hear that there are a few differences, although I would still recommend giving the book a read rating this a 3/5 overall.


Thank you for reading and I will see you on my next post! x

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