Akar Skin Lip Butter Review


Anyone that knows me personally or if you have been following my blog for a while, will know that I have love for one lip balm and one lip balm only! Altogether now…. Carmex!


I find it really hard to break the habit of a lifetime and cheat with another brand as Carmex has served my lips well over the years. That being said, I am open to trying new products and I recently tried a Burt Bees balm which I wasn’t too impressed with so onto something that I can speak of pleasantly.

A while ago I got speaking to the guys at Akar Skincare (formerly known as The Naked Goods) who kindly gifted me with the Mini care lip butter* and the Ruby tint lip butter*. Honestly, I am a fussy person, very fussy in fact, (just ask my friends lol) and I’m not easily pleased but I think Akar are onto a winner here. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this product will replace my beloved Carmex although this is the closest thing I’ve found to it which I am satisfied with.


The texture is literally soft like butter, that is probably the only way I can describe the consistency. It’s very soft to touch and as soon as it touches your lips, it provides instant moisture leaving the lips feeling hydrated. In comparison to Carmex which is a lot more solid (unless left in a heated area), these lip butters take less time to get to work on the lips because application is effortless. I haven’t got small lips so I like to ensure they’re covered and trust me, a little goes a long way with these butters.

The main difference between these lip butters and other balms I have come across is the lack of petroleum in the product which makes it feel less heavy and more natural on your lips, I quite like that actually. They contain ingredients such as castor which is something I tend to use often in my hair, beeswax and almond amongst others. The downside to the butter for me is the scent which I think is dominated by the beeswax.

I really wanted to test the products before doing this post to be able to note my true feelings on the products after frequent use and I feel I have. I’ve applied a coat on the lips before bed most nights and my lips feel so smooth in the morning. This is now in my handbag as a backup lip balm because a girl can never have too much, ever!

The normal butter retails for around 20 dollars which is around £15 and the tinted for 22 dollars which is about £17 which in my opinion is pricey for a product of this size (7ml). Generally I like the way the product feels on but I highly doubt I would purchase at this cost.

Have you tried any of the Akar Skincare range? Can you recommend any other lip balms to try? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Thanks for reading X

*This post contains samples from Akar Skincare though all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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