7 Ways To Keep Blogging


This post was inspired by my recent absence from the blogging world which you can see here. Now I know it can be challenging at times when we may run out of ideas for blog posts (hitting a writer’s block) or generally losing the motivation to blog all together which can make your readers think you have stopped blogging.

I recently experienced a combination of both these feelings and through it I came up with the following points. Even though you may not be posting new content frequently, you can keep up your blogging presence. Now I’m no expert and by no way necessary should you feel this is the only way out of a rut, but this is my view on a few tips to get back in the saddle when I draw blanks.

1. Take bulk pictures

Whatever your blogging niche may be, it could be a good idea to take lots of pictures in advance where possible to use for blog posts at a later stage. Whatever it is you are interested in, you can capture moments and keep them to be uploaded as and when needed. Outfits are a good example as most of us get dressed daily so you’ll always be able to post an outfit of the day or if you find you have some spare time, practice some new looks with your makeup taking lots of selfies of course!

2. Schedule/plan posts

I don’t know about other bloggers but recently I haven’t been as organised as I use to be with scheduling or planning my posts. I pretty much post sporadically, I do know however that it does make for a more organised blogging schedule when I plan my posts. Taking a day out in the week to write up posts really does make a difference for example, on a Sunday I would schedule 2-3 posts for the coming week which would free up time to be more active on social media throughout the week for pushing my content and interacting with other bloggers.

3. Repost older content

One way which I find helps to keep up your online blogging presence is through recycling old content! I know it may sound weird because you want to draw readers to new posts but how about your older posts? We work hard on every post so it is only right that it gets out there especially as you gain new readers/followers, sometimes they may not wade through the archives on their own so it helps to make that content easy to find. You may have had a really popular post from a year ago which someone may still find useful today.

4. Read other blogs

It’s likely that most of you have your favourite bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers and this is a great way to seek inspiration. Watching and reading other bloggers content is a great way to reignite the flame for blogging should you hit a dry patch. Now don’t copy someone else’s work. People work hard to put out content so it isn’t fair for another person to pass off the same content as their own – thats.not.cool! You can take inspiration from them and put your own spin on ideas as it is inevitable that some posts may not appear similar in the Blogosphere but my advice would be to just be you!

5. Network

Blogging has a great way of bringing people together online that you probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet irl. I find that Twitter is a great way to interact with other bloggers through the various chats that take place daily. As well as other bloggers there are opportunities to converse with brands who relate to your blog so although you may not be putting out new content, make your presence known as a blogger as you never know what could be around the corner!

6.  Run Twitter polls

Give the readers what they want. Unsure of what this is? Ask! I see many bloggers on Twitter asking their readers what posts they would like to see next. This is great for many reasons but mainly because once the people have spoken, you know you are going to create content they’re likely to enjoy. Giving them the chance to contribute also builds a good rapport between reader and blogger which makes them feel they can trust you.

7. Take a break

Even after all of the above, sometimes it’s good to simply take a break! I think as bloggers this can happen intentionally and unintentionally but whatever the reason, sometimes it is needed. Stepping back gives a new lease of life, like anything, if you do it for too long it can become stale. You need fresh ideas and the only way to encourage that is to leave it alone and return. There is no need to feel guilty about taking a break, we all need it and as long as there is still an element of your blogging presence, I think it’s absolutely fine!

I’d love to hear in the comments below how you overcome your blogging blocks and if you have any tips you can share.

Thanks for reading xx

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  1. 17th July 2016 / 10:10 pm

    Such good advice. I really wish I could take bulk pictures. This is in my list of things to start doing! I agree everyone needs a break now and then!

    Amina xx | http://www.AliandHer.com

    • shannonkara
      18th July 2016 / 2:05 am

      Awww I’m glad you think so Amina. Thank you for reading and commenting x

  2. 19th July 2016 / 12:37 pm

    Great post hun! Some great tips here…I’ve only just started scheduelling and it makes life so much easier. Looking forward to reading some more of your posts. x

    • shannonkara
      23rd July 2016 / 8:45 am

      Thanks Arti! It does get a bit challenging at times but I think spending a bit of time prioritising does help! Thank you for reading x

    • shannonkara
      2nd August 2016 / 7:46 pm

      Thank you! I just worry at times if I take a break for too long if I’ll completely fall off! Thanks for reading x

  3. 15th August 2016 / 4:19 pm

    I’ve had many times in my short time blogging where I have needed to focus my attention to something more important than my blog (university) or when I have just lost all motivation (such as now), and I always find it so hard to get back into. I have found that trying to stay active on my social media platforms does help me a lot however. Even if it means scheduling tweets for a couple of days and recycling old posts, like you said, it all helps to retain your audience (because it really does take a hit after any sort of hiatus!)

    Nicole x

    • shannonkara
      15th August 2016 / 7:20 pm

      Honestly, I think everyone at some point experiences this feeling! Sometimes life happens and blogging does need to take a back seat! I hope you pick it back up soon Hun, but don’t stress too much about it. Social media does help, to show were still around, but I can be sooooo bad at this myself And I think it’s great to recycle old posts, especially if you have a lot of content! Thank you for reading x

  4. 19th September 2016 / 1:39 pm

    I always plan ahead and schedule my posts but I’ve never gotten into taking bulk photos but I think I should especially as the lighting during the next few months is going to be crap.

    Jodie xx

    • shannonkara
      19th September 2016 / 5:32 pm

      I wish I could be more organised at the whole thing in general because it defo makes a difference! Bulk photos is an idea I had and think it could work if you have some spare time and patience lol! Thanks for reading x

    • shannonkara
      22nd September 2016 / 5:22 pm

      Thank you! xx

    • shannonkara
      23rd October 2016 / 10:27 am

      You are welcome! I think it’s useful to share tips Thanks for reading x

  5. Saira
    28th October 2016 / 10:35 am

    This has been so useful to me, especially since I’ve just started blogging!

    Saira xo

    • shannonkara
      28th October 2016 / 11:22 am

      I’m really glad to hear it! Thanks for reading x

    • 26th November 2016 / 11:32 pm

      I agree! I think twitter polls do help to produce content for what the readers want to see. Thank you for reading