Magnitone 1st Impressions

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while but I have been having a few difficulties with the blog! It had been down completely for nearly a week, crashed, zilch, absolutely nothing appeared when my domain was typed into the browser. Mainly to do with plugins etc etc, techy stuff that is way over my head to be honest but having a blog, these are things I definitely need to know about! I can’t lie it was very frustrating to be offline but I am back online now at least (still a few hitches) but I’m back nonetheless with a post on the Magnitone Barefaced* cleansing brush.

A few months ago I was invited to an event put on by The Bloggers Hangout where I had a great opportunity to meet various brands and other bloggers I had previously been talking to through Twitter. On the day I met a few ladies from the Magnitone team who spoke to us about their products and also the #SpringCleanMeChallenge they had coming up.

After speaking with the lovely ladies at the Bloggers Hangout event, I was lucky enough to be gifted with the Magnitone Barefaced* cleansing brush. I had the pleasure of liaising with the lovely Jenny who managed the process from start to finish in a great way. I haven’t had much dealings with brands but she was very helpful and informative along the way. This brush retails for £70 and comes in a selection of three colours – pink, yellow and a mint green. Magnitone also offer various different accessories for their brushes including additional heads, charging stands and travel bags which you can find here. I was really pleased to receive this cute pink package through the post tied up with a black bow. I unraveled this to find the cleansing brush along with a magnetic charger and travel case. All in pink of course! 🙂

Although the Barefaced cleansing brush came part charged, Magnitone recommend charging the brush for around 12 hours before the first use. I charged it up overnight when I came in from work ready to use the next evening. Once I got in from work the following day, my brush was fully charged and ready for use in the shower. I rinsed and applied my Clinique cleanser to my face and switched the brush on testing both settings. The first setting was a steady pulse and the second setting had shorter pulses. It took a short while to get used to the sensation as this was my first ever time using a cleansing brush and I was a bit concerned as the manual did say that there could be possible breakouts to the skin and who really wants that to happen?

The brush works in short intervals to ensure you do not stick to one particular area of the face for too long which is a good way to make sure you cleanse your whole face. Although the bristles are quite gentle, I didn’t feel the brush was too soft as it was quite firm once pressed onto the skin. I like how cute and compact the brush is in size and the travel bag really comes in handy even if used just for storage in the bathroom. All in all, I really liked how clean my skin felt after using the brush but I will now start my 30 day #springcleanmechallenge to see whether the brush really does give clearer skin in 30 days. I will do a follow up post to track my progress.

* Although the item above was gifted to me by Magnitone, all opinions are my own


Do you own a Magnitone? How often do you use yours? Thank you for reading xx

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