Clinique Haul | First Impressions


A few weeks back on a shopping trip to Lakeside, I stopped by the Clinique counter in House of Fraser. Many of my family and friends speak highly of the Clinique range and have suggested I try their products, so after spending some time with the assistant on the counter, I decided to purchase some products.


I never had the time to purchase the products in store because shortly after I had an appointment but once I had spent some time with the assistant, I had a better understanding of what Clinique products were suited to my skin type and off I went to the Clinique website!

My Skin

I have combination skin and by around lunchtime I can tend to look a little greasy in my t-zone area although it is less oily than before. Once I explained to the assistant my skin struggles she recommended that I try the 3-step skin care which is made up of 3 separate products that work together to cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin.

3 – step skin care


Step 1 – liquid facial soap


A little goes a long way with this product. I apply a small amount onto the tip of my fingers and work into a lather on my face after rinsing. The product is of a very light consicentcy but works well to get rid of any dirt and grime build up on your face which leaves my skin feeling very fresh and clean.

Step 2 – clarifying lotion


I apply a generous amount onto a cotton pad and sweep all around my face and neck. I go in with this twice as I feel the first time cleans up any residue from the liquid soap and the second time gives me a nice polish. When I first used this product, it had a slight tingling sensation and I worried that it could be a bit harsh, but having used it more frequently my skin has become accustomed to it.

Step 3 -moisturising gel


After any cleanse and tone comes a good moisturiser. I generally tend to use the Simple Kind To Skin Moisturiser because it’s very light but also quite rich on the skin and I prefer this to something heavier on my face. This one from Clinique is ok but I don’t think I’ve fallen in complete love with this product just yet.


I also purchased this foundation after seeing my friend look effortlessly flawless and also taking home a sample from my not so local Clinique store (long story). I initially wanted the Clinique Stay Matte foundation however after seeing the results on this one I was sold.

I haven’t started using the full bottle as I bought this just before I went away and now my skin is looking rather sunkissed and all glowy on its own after some well needed sunshine, I will use this once my skin returns to its natural shade.



As my focus was to purchase the foundation and 3 step skin care, I was pleasantly surprised to have qualified for some extra goodies at the checkout which I wasn’t expecting but turned out to be a nice 1st time experience shopping with Clinique.

I received a primer, a chubby stick, a mascara, a hydrating moisturiser and a scrub which was accompanied by a stunning green bag. Although these are travel size, the complimentary products were greatly appreciated as I put them all to use while away on holiday.

All in all I was pleased with my 1st time purchases from Clinique and I cannot wait to use the foundation properly. I would definitely say from the above purchases, these are good products for my skin type as they do not leave my skin feeling tight or dry. I will keep on at the moisturiser but hey we can’t have everything can we?

Have you tried any Clinique products? If yes, what would you recommend? Thanks for reading x

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  1. Megan McCoig
    28th April 2016 / 5:11 pm

    Great post! I’ve been wanting to try the lotion for ages, and also the foundation – nice to know you like them! I use the Take The Day Off oil cleanser, it’s my favourite !

    Megan X

    • shannonkara
      29th April 2016 / 7:30 pm

      Thanks Megan! Oooohhhh I see so much about that cleanser, it looks lush! Maybe when I wear make up heavily it’ll be a good product to invest in! X

  2. 6th May 2016 / 9:08 am

    Look at all these goodies! I love that all the other things were complimentary.. Go Clinique! Ooo I hear you on the moisturiser.. Heavier creams are a bit of a pain especially as it’s getting warmer. Sometimes they are better as night creams and you could continue using your Simple one in the day until you love it completely Lool. Looking forward to seeing how you find the foundation! Xx


    • shannonkara
      6th May 2016 / 9:34 am

      I know right! Clinique are winning me over with all the extra goodies hehe! The simple moisturiser is perfect for me, I also use astral on my body but find that quite heavy on the face too. Still waiting for this tan to be gone completely before I use it x

  3. 10th May 2016 / 6:23 pm

    Nice detailed write up I am interested to see how you get on with it al. I am 50/50 with Clinique products. Some people have great tesults with them but I didn’t so much, I had to return the clarifying lotion i was first given because it was too harsh for my skin I was switched to another free that one fared better but for the price I know I could’ve found something cheaper that is more suitable. That said I do want to try one of their moisturisers but the name has totally slipped my mind I think it comes in a yellow cube shaped bottle xx

    • shannonkara
      11th May 2016 / 12:06 am

      Thanks Rosie! Yeah I seem to only hear good things about the brand and I’ve not started using the foundation because my tan is not shifting lol but so far I like the rest of the products bar the moisturiser, that I’m not crazy about… Yet lol xx