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Hey guys and dolls! Am I the only one who has blinked and it was Monday again *cries* How did you all spend your weekend? I spent Saturday in stilettos and a bodycon celebrating my friends birthday (getting too old for this now) and so Sunday my body was definitely calling out for relaxation! *Inserts face masks*

Mid last week I did a usual splurge in my local Superdrug store only going in for makeup wipes because somehow they just manage to disappear (aka my sister likes to borrow and never replace them…*side-eye*)

Anyway back to where I started, no one ever goes into Superdrug with the intention to buy just one thing and comes out with that very same thing. There’s always something on offer that makes you feel less guilty about buying it in the first place.

Superdrug Face Masks 


This was me with the face masks I purchased on a 3 for 2 offer. They were only around 99p anyway and I picked one up as I was meaning to try an inexpensive one before jumping in the deep end with this mask from The Body Shop.


Superdrug had quite a big selection of face masks and after much deliberation (I’m so indecisive about life) I settled with 2 clay and 1 mud mask.


The first clay mask was a Superfruits Clay Mask with Goji and Acai berries plus extracts of Pomegranate said to nourish and detoxify the skin removing dirt and oil. Superdrug recommends this mask is ideal for all skin types.


The second mask I selected was another clay mask. This Dead Sea Purifying clay mask was recommended for oily to blemished skin types said to draw out impurities. This mask said to revive and refresh the skin with a mix of lemon and eucalyptus.

This is the first mask I had tried and all 3 state to leave on for 10-15 minutes but I think I may have gone slightly over this time. My face felt rock hard so I knew it had definitely started working. It tingled when I first put this on my face with my finger tips but I put this down to my face not being used to such product.

I did take a picture but I didn’t dare to post it! (I haven’t perfected the sexy mask face yet) I rinsed this off my face with warm water as instructed and my skin did feel slightly more invigorated but after one use it may be too early to see long lasting results.


Last out of the 3 masks was this De-stressing Mud Mask made with Aloe Vera  to give a smoother looking complexion. This mask is recommended for normal to combination skin.

OPI Nail Envy

I bought this little set from TKMaxx for £7 if I remember correctly which is an absolute bargain as individually the OPI nail envy can cost up to £19.50. I only meant to buy the nail envy which I’ve heard great reviews about because I have a bad nail biting habit, and I’m hopeful that these OPI products can help me to break it.


There are 3 products in this set, 2 cuticle treatments (1 exfoliating and 1 oil) and the nail envy strengthener. For best results OPI suggest you coat your nails twice on the first day, then repeat every other day with a top coat for a week then remove and start the cycle again.


These are tiny treats for myself to have a mini pamper at home and I will try to use a face mask weekly. Do you use any face masks, if so which ones? Can you recommend any tips for nail biting? Thanks for reading x







  1. 9th February 2016 / 12:25 pm

    Great post Shannon, those superdrug mask are so good. I just never have the time to have s good detox session lol.x

    • shannonkara
      10th February 2016 / 1:05 am

      Awwww bless you! Literally take 10 mins out of your day and have a mini pamper sesh! I’m trying to look after myself that little bit more this year! Thanks for reading lovely x

  2. 14th February 2016 / 12:11 pm

    Love the Superdrug masks for mini pamper sessions! It’s so nice to wind down with these and so inexpensive! Great post 🙂

    • shannonkara
      14th February 2016 / 12:21 pm

      Agree! I never really tried them before buying these and for the price you can’t complain! Definitely want to invest in a higher end mask soon though! Thanks for reading x