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Happy February! This post has been sitting in my drafts because I often battle with how much personal detail I want to display on this blog. But this is suppose to be a place of escapism, a place of happiness?

And you’re right, it is. But the truth is sometimes not everything is always happy, sometimes I have down days and I don’t always want people to see that. In fact I never do. I just want to paint my smile on and act like normal. But sometimes it’s difficult.

I don’t want to have a big pity party but at times I do have days where I don’t feel good about myself, where I don’t feel confident and I’m not in the mood to face PEOPLE. I want to be able to bounce around all bubbly all the time but there are moments when I like to take a step back and observe.

When I feel like that, I like to find things to do to stop my mind doing overtime and things that I feel will help me to grow as an individual. I’m all for growing and learning things especially about myself. I think I hold back a lot and take way too many things personally and it’s time to let go. Time for me to leave my comfort zone.

I want to be more outgoing and these are some things I wanna do for myself this year.

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There are so many books I could read and I will aim to read a new book each month this year (excluding Jan lol). My problem is I like things at the touch of a button. Having a paperback seems so much longer when you can download a book onto your iPad! But this needs to change. I want to have something tangible and experience reading in a whole new way, getting lost in a story.

Travel often

This has to be on everyone’s list right? Unless you’re so comfortable in your surroundings and environment doesn’t everyone want to explore the world and what it has to offer?

I love being in a different country and experiencing new cultures and I didn’t get to travel as much last year. I don’t have any children, a marriage or a home to look after (yet) so while I’m ‘free’ I want to travel as often as I can.

Learn a new language

I guess this can tie in with the above to travel often. I was born here in London and although this is a multicultural and diverse city, I’ve never learnt to speak another language fluently. I did study German in school and although I enjoyed it at the time I never took it further than the school gates.

Knowing what I do now I wish my younger self could see the importance of languages in school and not to take the opportunities for granted. I guess it just means spending more time abroad to learn them 🙂

Spend time alone

Now this is a funny one for me (and probably one that I would like to do the most) because I love my own company but I was always the girl that could never go to the toilets without a friend in the club (I can’t be the only one?). Until I was a bit older I always wanted to go shopping with my girls and hated the thought of going pretty much anywhere alone.

Fast forward to an older me, I think we hit a period of maturity and understand it’s cool to do things by yourself. As my mum used to tell me ‘you were born alone’ so I became more dependent on myself but I still held onto the comfort of others.

As simple as it sounds, I want to be able to grab a meal, take long walks and even go abroad alone. I know some of you will think that’s easy but for me this is a big thing (not so much the meal) to travel abroad without a single person, quite daunting but liberating I hear so definitely something I want to do.

I’m hoping to do all of the above throughout the year and would love to know if anyone can relate to any of the points? Leave me tips of how you beat down days and any book recommendations.

Thanks for reading! x

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  1. 7th February 2016 / 10:22 pm

    I love this. I totally love spending time on my own, too. I get overwhelemd if I spent too much time with people!

    Corinne x

    • shannonkara
      8th February 2016 / 3:43 pm

      Awwww thank you! I literally feel like it it wasn’t for work I wouldn’t interact with PEOPLE haha! Thank you for reading x