WIMB | Weekend Edition


Hey my loves! What a week this has been! Hope you have had a good one? I’ve had such a busy working week that I haven’t had much time to blog as much as I would’ve liked to but I do have some exciting posts coming up!

Like most, I have blogging goals that I would like to achieve; with improvements on my visual and written content so whoever is rocking with me, please keep your eyes peeled as I revamp my blogging style! 

This is a weekend edition of a ‘What’s in my bag’ post although the only main difference between my weekday and weekend bag is probably the size and a slight addition to the contents of it.

I know it is a bit random to share the contents of your bag BUT I actually find these posts really interesting and that’s probably because I am the nosiest person around so here goes with mine!


Contents of my bag

So this is the contents of my bag today tipped out. In here is my purse, keys, camera, perfume/hand cream, notebook, paddle hairbrush, carmex and a little cute lip bag from Maybelline which I got free on a 3 for 2 offer.


So I need my purse and keys for obvious reasons and although I have a few purses, this was a gift which I have used for the past 2 years!


I usually always carry a comb and hairbrush to keep my hair tame as you cannot trust this British weather especially the wind, yeah the wind is so not cool lol!

You may already know I have a love for Carmex as this is handsdown the best lip product I have used for my lips. I also have a love for hand creams and I can never ever have too much of these.


Both the cream and perfume above are from a gift set of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely collection and this scent smells very feminine and is also very light on the body. As this is Parfume you do not need to use too much throughout the day as this is very long lasting.


I love this cute little lip print bag from Maybelline which was free from Boots in a 3 for 2 offer. I never thought it was big enough for beauty products and kept is to one side until I read a similar post from the lovely Saira and thought exactly how I could put this bag to use *whispers ladytime*


Lastly, I have my beloved Canon camera and motivational notebook which you have probably seen before here and here. I always try to bring my camera out as I sometimes never know where I may end up (sounds random I know but sometimes I like to YOLO and be spontaneous haha) and it’s a good way to capture moments.

As you can see I don’t carry too much in my bag on the weekends. One thing I didn’t include (which I obviously carry) was my phone as I used this to take the pictures above.

Let me know what you carry in your bags, if you have used anything that I have in mine and if you think this is too much or too little for day to day. Thanks for reading! x





  1. Ché
    23rd January 2016 / 11:26 am

    Love the bag !!!!

    • shannonkara
      23rd January 2016 / 11:36 am

      Thank you! This is from Zara