New Years Resolutions?


Ok so I know I am late to the party for ‘New Years’ posts but I still feel this is relevant lol.

New Years Resolutions? I don’t really make them simply because I personally feel there is too much hype around starting the year with resolutions, not sticking to them, only to set them again the following year.

Instead, I feel we should try to constantly improve ourselves throughout the year, each day you wake up is a new opportunity so why wait until the year end to make a change?

Growth is imperative

I often talk about growing as an individual; not remaining the same as you were before. Improving and being your own inspiration. Yeah, it’s fine to take inspiration or be inspired by others around you but I feel there is something special about reflecting on yourself and wanting to do better – spiritually, mentally and physically.

If you are completely happy with your life and how things are going, then great who am I to say otherwise? But I just believe that you should often evaluate how you are as a person and ways to improve on it.

Keep it simple 

Don’t over do it. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself because of others. People progress differently and you can never compare your level of success based on another persons.

Each individual has a different walk of life so focus on what works well for you. Implement small changes into your lifestyle and don’t think you need to do too much too soon.

Goal setting 

Set yourself realistic targets. This is probably the only thing I try to do at the start of the year. I look at what I want to acheive for myself and think what it is going to take for me to get each done. What resources do I need? Then I make a point of noting them down so I can tick them off as I go.Sad I know, but true.


Now let’s be real here. I am not the most religious person around and this is something that I am yet to work on. But I do believe in prayer and the power of it. It is of such importance to lay your heart to God.

We cannot simply pray only when we feel we need things but when things are going well for us too. Prayer to me is a conversation with a friend, a place of comfort and a place where I feel you can gain direction on your path in life.

Ultimately I think setting yourself resolutions is good IF you can stick to them. But personally for me it is a little too structured and then you just end up feeling bad if you don’t stick to them.

I like the idea of knowing what I want to achieve and maybe setting 3 targets towards them. Not beating myself up if I don’t achieve all 10 unrealistic resolutions for example.

What are your views on resolutions? Do you set them? If so do you stick to them and do you find it challenging?

Abt Nametag