Blogging Reflection

Hey dolls! As this year draws to an end, I thought it would be good to look back on my blogging experience so far. 

At the end of September I decided to take up blogging and created Shannon Kara as a ‘thing to do’ you could say but actually I am surprised at how much I enjoy blogging. Shannon Kara is my actual name and I felt it was fitting for this blog after numerous attempts of trying to create a blog name, I thought I would stay true to myself and keep it simple. It’s a nice space for me to express myself in and just put pen to paper (or finger to keypad) on my thoughts.

Why I Created This Blog

I never went into blogging with the intention to become ‘something’ as there are many great blogs/bloggers out there, (and then there is little old me) instead I had created this blog based on my journey into make up, to strike a better work life balance and also to boost my confidence. As a late twenty something year old woman, I hadn’t really been into make up as much as I am now and you can see posts on this here and here.

As I got into blogging, I found that whatever I felt like posting about I did! Though I tried to narrow it down into 3 categories beauty, fashion and lifestyle, I am currently leaning more towards beauty and lifestyle posts. Partly because I have most of my clothes in storage due to a recent move and partly because I am at an experimental stage trying out many new beauty products, seeing what works well for my skin type. There are SO many products, SO many brands and SO much I am yet to learn and this blog is my way of expressing that.


I remember being so sceptical about making a blog because I just felt who on earth would give a damn about my experiences, my thoughts, who would want to read from Shannon Kara?! But I took the plunge and just made a page. I created something I could put my energy into and the more I started to see people were actually reading, it motivated me to continue. It was so surreal looking at the statistics and the fact that people from all around the WORLD were reading my blog, it made me feel SO proud. OK, the numbers aren’t big but who cares, I am just happy that I am putting out content that people like to read. Now I had created this presence, at that point I started to take pride in how I wanted my page to look online. I bought my domain and a new template, I set out to buy my first ‘blogging camera’ and a few motivation blogging notepads and here I am 3 months later!



Plans for 2016

With my blog in it’s current state of play, I would love for people who have come across it to continue reading, subscribe and share their thoughts. I would love to get better at my photography skills because let’s face it – they could be MUCH better – LOL! I would also like to put out more content across all 3 categories with a balanced mix although if it ends up leaning to a particular category I will be happy as long as I am passionate and honest in what I post.

Finally, I would love to network with more bloggers online and at events and I know social media is such a powerful tool for such things especially Twitter with blogger chats (which I need to stop missing LOL)! I will be reading many more and will continue to subscribe to blogs I love. Hope to see you in the New Year!

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  1. Ché
    11th January 2016 / 3:03 pm

    I would like to make a comment because I am so proud of Shannon Kara. As humans we cant always see what we have achieved and Shannon Kara has done a lot in a small space of time. At first this was a pass time but it has clearly become her ‘baby’. She has taken it seriously and pull her time and energy into it. You can see this as she has clearly created a branding around Shannon Kara, in her layout and even the way she communicates (Really loving the ‘Shannon Kara’ logo btw). I wish her all the best in 2016 because I really feel this blog is going to be successful as she learns more along the way. x