BIRD | Shoreditch


Hey my lovelies! Hope your weekend has been pleasant. We are days away from Christmas and I haven’t bought any of my presents yet eeeekkkk! Instead of shopping, I had such a random unplanned night in Shoreditch which featured none other than the free ranged fried chicken restaurant BIRD.


This was my first ever visit to BIRD where the chicken served is 100% free range and is delivered to the restaurants daily. There is a range of different glazes and sauces to choose from and I would highly recommend the wings in sticky soy garlic as a starter – these are to die for!

BIRD offer a choice of mains between burgers, chicken pieces or salads along with a range of sides. The menu is inexpensive so you could easily have 3 courses for around £30 per person. BIRD also serve a few cocktails and of course with my love of passion fruit I had to have a Passion Fruit Margarita but the Dark and Stormy cocktail is also very nice.

I wanted to try everything off the dessert menu but after having wings with two pieces of chicken on waffles (diet is en route I promise) I opted for a chocolate doughnut instead which was nice all the same. All in all, if you like an American diner type restaurant, reasonably priced and have a love for chicken (as I do), this is a good food spot to try if you haven’t done so already and if you are in the area!

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  1. Ché
    21st December 2015 / 11:23 am

    Ok i think I want to try this now!. The wings look emotional lol. I heard it heavily influenced by Deep South America. My best-friend use to live in New York so she want to go and try the chicken and waffles, How were they?

  2. Mikey
    23rd December 2015 / 3:58 am

    You’re making me hungry… mmm!