Light Lunch




Today’s lunch

So I have been going through this constant food battle trying to eat ‘healthier’ for at least a year now. It is something that I find takes a lot of discipline. Having gone to the gym 3 times a week doing all the classes available I used to think ‘why am I not seeing any results yet?’ But I know now that it’s more to do with what I am putting into my body.

Health is Wealth

I often hear this phrase and I would have to agree. I can honestly say until I got to the other side of 25 (lol) I never really had an issue with my size/weight. I wouldn’t say I have one now but back in my early twenties (I say as if I am now in my eighties) it wasn’t an issue simply because I had a job that kept me quite active so at the time I felt I could eat whatever I wanted and there wasn’t a need to attend a gym as I was always on my feet.

Now I try to eat better because I see healthy eating as an investment – your body is a reflection of what you eat. It’s so easy to take the fast food/junk food option over a healthy meal at times and I think this is because sometimes it seems cheaper and more accessible than finding a healthy alternative.

I often face this dilemma when I’m at work if I haven’t prepared any lunch for the day. I pop down to Sainsbury’s and end up with a sandwich followed by a drink and a packet of crisps in a £3 meal deal! Now don’t get me wrong sometimes I enjoy this kind of food but I know I need to eat a variety of different foods.

I love eating fish and chicken and I do not eat red meat that often but I know there are a huge range of healthy tasty food recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to be explored! Because people always think that healthy eating is boring but I disagree. I have tried to introduce healthier options into my diet by cooking with coconut oil, cutting out sugar (in hot drinks) and drinking 2ltrs of water each day (or trying to anyway). This is only the beginning of my healthier lifestyle journey and I will be sure to keep you posted! x

Abt Nametag