Create Your Own Happiness!


Hey lovelies! It’s been a while!

Oh my, I feel so much has been going on right now I have had very little time for myself but that’s down to a big change in my current situation which I shall leave for another post!

Late nights, early mornings – that’s where I’m at right now ­čÖü I’m quite a calm person although I can be quite a stress head at times (my friends & family know all about this) because I find when I have something to do, I just want to get it done, no dilly dally, no long ting!

One of my weaknesses about my character though is I always always┬áover analyse situations. It doesn’t matter what it is but I’m terrible at overthinking!

I literally cannot sleep properly of late and I know it’s ┬ábecause I feel my mind is working overtime. Subconsciously I’m thinking how can I not be where I intended to be at this time in my life?! It’s stressful you know, slowly (slowly) approaching 30 (yes I said 30)! Being alone, living at home, no children (ayyyyyy that’s a catch right there you know – lol) but seriously most people around me either have children, are getting married and/or are buying a home.

Again, I feel society has a way of making us feel we need to be at a certain place, at a certain time in our lives, at a certain level of our career and a certain level in our relationships but HELLO – Big Fat Reality Check, it doesn’t always go like that. In fact it very rarely goes like that and you know what? That’s actually OK! We need to stop comparing ourselves to societies standards and set out to achieve what WE want by our own standards.

You can’t please all the people all the time so do what’s best for you. Create your own happiness. Know your worth and stop giving other people the opportunity to make you feel you aren’t worth as much as them because you may not be where they are in their lives. Majority of the time, it’s all a facade anyway. What appears to be and not what actually is. My advice would be to have a plan for your life, set goals and work towards them, do something you enjoy and have fun with it!

Create Your Own Happiness! x

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  1. 11th March 2016 / 4:46 pm

    100% I concur with everything you said in this post. I have feelings like this all the time. And it’s kind of natural that there will be moments when you think wtf! And it’s hard not to in this keeping up with the Jones’ saturated society, but other peoples happiness cannot be your own, nor might it be real xx

    • shannonkara
      11th March 2016 / 6:22 pm

      Agreed hun! It’s too easy to feel like we haven’t accomplished much compared to that standards of society, but you are so right, others peoples happiness cannot be our own and we shouldn’t compare ourselves because it’s so unhealthy! Thanks again for reading xx